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Back to School Organization Tips


We all collect things over time. But the key to getting — and staying — organized is to simply have less stuff to manage.

Utilize storage bins and label them for a specific person or purpose.  Enlist the help of the whole family in keeping your home organized. By creating designated bins to store items, such as kids’ toys, school supplies and even laundry, you can ward off clutter while teaching your kids valuable organization skills. And, when the bins begin to overflow, you know it’s time to pare down.


Disguise items in bins that coordinate with your décor. For items you use often, but that tend to clutter your living space, choose bins and baskets that coordinate with your décor. This allows you to keep the items handy while adding a decorative touch to your home. Small boxes are perfect for candles, photos and recipes. Larger boxes work great for magazines, books and extra blankets.

organizing drawers

TIP: De-clutter your living areas by sorting through old books, magazines and videos. Look for knickknacks and other items that you don’t love, and give them away or sell them.

Make a place for everything. The reason things pile up on counters, tables and floors is usually that they have no home. Make sure everything in your house has a designated place to “live.” Consider storing similar items, such as all art supplies or all electronic items, together. It’s also best to store items in the room in which they are used, so putting them back is a snap.

TIP: Use drawer organizers to keep small items in order.  Perfect for office items and even makeup!

Utilize the insides of cabinet doors. Consider installing pegboards to keep small items handy. Chalkboards are also ideal for keeping lists.

TIP: Don’t over-analyze whether or not to keep an item. If your first instinct is you never use it, toss it.


Create a Command Center

Mail/Bill Paying: Use labeled file folders to keep mail and bills organized. As soon as they arrive, stash them in the correct folder so clutter doesn’t pile up. At the end of each week, clear them out and start over.

Message Center: Hanging framed corkboards above a small workstation creates an ideal message center for you and your family. Perfect for posting notes for each other or for keeping important invitations and lists handy.

Charging Station: Rather than finding cords and electronic items charging all over the house, why not choose one location to help you keep them charged and organized at the same time?


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