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DIY Stepping Stones


Add inspiration to your walkway or home garden by creating your own personalized DIY stepping stones.

DIY Stepping Stones Instructions:

1. Gather your materials — You’ll need a bag of stepping stone concrete, safety glasses, gloves, a pen, colored stones and plastic molds, all of which can be purchased from your local craft store. Pie plates, disposable cake pans and pizza boxes can also make great stepping stone containers.

2. Prepare your work surface — Prepare an outdoor area with plenty of space that will allow your stones to dry overnight. You’ll want to be able to place your stone molds on top of newspaper and on a level surface so they’ll dry evenly.

3. Mix and pour the concrete — Mix the concrete according to the instructions on your bag. Pour the mix into your containers and leave about 1/2½-inch space from the top of the container. Be careful to not make the mix too thick, or it will not dry well or may even crack. Gently tap the mold on the ground to spread the concrete evenly, and let it set for 45 minutes or until it has a gummy-like texture.

4. Personalize your stones — If your kids want to add handprints or a message to the stone with a pen, do this first. Then, add rocks, mosaic tiles, shells, glass rocks or anything you’d like to use to personalize your stones. Push them far enough in so they set inside the concrete, but are not covered. Set the molds aside and leave undisturbed for one to two days.

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