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Tips for Updating your Living Room Arrangement

Does your living room or family room need an update? Follow these easy and powerful tips and transform your living room into a mecca of comfort. We’ve created three unique spaces for you to draw inspiration from. To make it even easier, all furniture and accessories shown can be purchased at Sofa Mart and Oak Express.


1. Family Gathering Living Room Arrangement Family-Room#1



Form Family Gathering Zones. Form family gathering areas to movie and game nights, the living room is often the hub for activities in your home. As a result, the proper placement of your room’s furniture can help make your space feel comfortable and welcoming, allowing family and friends to sit closely and converse comfortably.

An effective room arrangement starts with choosing a focal point. In some rooms, this is architectural, such as a fireplace, a set of French doors or a bay window. For other living rooms, it’s a television.

Once you determine a focal point for your living room, orient your main seating toward it, arranging secondary seating pieces around the main piece.

Finding a focal point, such as a fireplace or television, is the first step in establishing a room arrangement.


2. Activity Zone Living Room Arrangement



Form Activity Zones. In a large room with an open floor plan, consider dividing the space into different activity zones with your furniture placement.

For example, a pair of chairs and a small table arranged on one end of a room around a fireplace provides a cozy spot for games or conversation. A sofa, coffee table and a pair of chairs arranged around an area rug in the center of the room can define a larger, separate space perfect for conversation clusters or watching television.

Create comfortable areas within a room by dividing the space into activity zones, such as conversation, entertainment or reading areas.


3. Cozy Conversational Living Room Arrangement



Create Cozy Conversation. Positioning furniture so that guests face each other helps conversation flow naturally. And by adding strategically appointed side tables and a central coffee table, drinks are always within easy reach, which promotes a more relaxed atmosphere. To allow for even more conversations to flourish, add ottomans and floor pillows for guests to create their own conversation clusters.

Symmetry imposes a sense of order in a room. Pairs of matching sofas and side chairs placed at right angles also create a formal feel for the space.


Get tips for arranging living room furniture in a way that creates a comfortable and welcoming environment while making the most of your space.

Living Room Arrangement Tips:

1. Use an area rug to unify a seating group within a large, open area space.

2. When dividing a large room into activity zones, leave a clear path between them to allow for guests to easily move from one to another.

3. Always keep an ottoman and/or oversize floor pillows on hand. They can be easily arranged to create extra seating in a pinch, or serve as additional side tables.

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