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Part 1: How to be the Perfect Host – Home Preparation

“Company’s coming.” If any phrase can stop you in your tracks, that’s it. No matter how long they’ll be staying, your guests will need extra care and attention, and that means lots of planning and thought.

Being the perfect host or hostess has one overarching principle: “The best way to make guests feel comfortable is to let them know how happy you are to have them there,” says Barbara Chandler, store design/ visual merchandise manager for Furniture Row.



Perfect Host/Hostess Tips:

1. A comfortably appointed home also helps. Several key pieces can help turn a home into dinner-party-central, Chandler says. For instance, outfit your entryway with a small bench and table to give guests a place to remove shoes and put down their things.

2. In the dining room, a buffet or sideboard is a must for dinner parties. The extra surface “helps clear the table, so guests feel comfortable to sit around and chat after dinner,” Chandler says.

3. Comfortable dining room chairs encourage guests to linger and relax. Solid wood chairs with shaped seats and curved backs offer lumbar support, says Oak Express Buyer Dennis Crouthers. Padded seats and backs also provide comfort; look for leather or easily maintained faux leathers. For more casual meals, seat guests at a counter with counter-height bar stools. If you have a rug under the table, it should be large enough to accommodate chairs that are pulled out all the way.


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