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Top 10 Ways to Relax at Home

It may sound silly, but relaxing at home can really turn into a chore. There are so many distractions in the home. Preparing meals, organizing clutter, checking the mail, watering the garden, and walking the dog can all turn a relaxing evening at home, into a continued work shift. The Bedroom Expressions team has gathered the top 10 ways to relax at home, that will be sure to work, even for the busiest of busybodies.

Relax At Home

1. Prioritize.  “Simplify your schedule, your home and your relationships,” says Bowling Green, Ohio-based Psychologist and Executive Coach Mike Roehrs. “Stop hanging around people who are not positive. Put more energy and effort into those who are.”

2. Stay true to yourself.  Don’t allow yourself to be pulled into too many directions. “Be clear about what you value and let that be your guiding force,” Roehrs advises.

3. Schedule “me” time.  Commit to activities that renew your spirit, such as going out with friends. “If you don’t, you’ll end up getting burned out or upset,” says Chicago-based Executive Coach/Trainer Susan Fignar.

4. Ask for help.  “It’s easy to try to take on everything yourself,” Fignar says, “but let your spouse know you need help with the kids, or reach out to a colleague for assistance with a project.”

5. Create your own happy space.  Treat yourself to a new comfy chair. Place a basket of your favorite herbal teas and reading material within easy reach. De-clutter your desk.

6. Pamper yourself.  Take bubble baths. Get a massage. Indulge in aromatherapy — candles, diffusers, potpourri, oils and lotions — especially in chamomile and lavender scents. (When traveling, Canyon Ranch Beauty Services Director Laura Hittleman recommends packing tissues or cotton balls scented with essential oils to counter travel stress and fatigue.)

7. Tune in to tune out stress.  Medical experts sing the praises of music for soothing jangled nerves. Create iPod playlists specifically for stressful times — getting ready for work, driving in rush hour, cooking dinner, etc.

8. Take a break.  “The most relaxing, effective breaks offer a complete change of pace,” says Canyon Ranch Movement Therapist DeAnna Pierce. Nap. Pet the dog. Read a book or magazine. Meditate (or simply daydream) — even a few minutes can elevate mood while lowering blood pressure, stress hormones and anxiety levels.

9. Get moving.  Go for a walk or run. Stretch. Jump rope. Find an exercise routine — even if it’s only 10 minutes long — and stick to it. Exercise releases stress-relieving endorphins into the bloodstream.

10. Count your blessings.   Noted health expert Dr. Mehmet Oz recommends keeping a journal of all the things that make you happy and for which you’re grateful. Focusing on good things fuels positive energy and has an overall calming effect.


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