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5 Ways to Update a Room on a Budget


Had it with that sofa you inherited?

Tired of losing your appetite in that gloomy dining room? Feel hemmed in by an army of knickknacks every time you sit down in the living room? Well, everybody needs a change now and then, and a budget-friendly makeover can give you more of the atmosphere and surroundings you want and deserve. Here are a few tips to redefine your space and put a fresh spin on any room.

Tips from the Sofa Mart experts:

Update color. Changing colors is easy, and why should chameleons have all the fun? A new coat of paint provides a quick and inexpensive update and can make anything — walls, woodwork, furniture — look fresh and lively.

Remove furniture. Give yourself room to maneuver. Store, recycle or donate unused or dated pieces of furniture to your local Salvation Army or other nonprofit organization.

Insist your furniture do double duty. Place a tray on an ottoman, which can be used as a coffee table as well as for storage and seating. Repurpose a slim-lined dining table as a desk. Use a tall bookcase in the dining room to display plates, crystal and silver.

Freshen things up. Purchase new linens including a bed skirt and pillow shams for the bedroom. Replace old towels with thick, spa-like towels in white or a favorite solid hue.

Home Update

1. Reflect on the positives. A full-length mirror adds depth to any small space. Use it opposite a window to reflect or direct light, or as a backdrop to highlight an unusual shaped vase, sculptural artwork or flowers.

2. Define space with lighting. Add intimacy and warmth to conversation areas with low-wattage bulbs in soft pink or peach hues.

3. Quick fixes. Add new vases to the mix. Instead of clear glass, choose vases in white or other colors. Instead of flowers, try tall feathers, bamboo stalks or dried branches. Also consider changing your mantel arrangements. For additional updates, drape beautiful throws on sofas and chairs and switch different-colored lampshades in interesting shapes for a visual uplift.

4. A new view. Nothing dates a room faster than drab window treatments, tired floor coverings and worn linens. Go formal with sumptuous window panels in lush fabrics or casual with simple cotton panels in a solid hue. Place a colorful area rug over hardwood floors.

5. Use furniture and accessories to redefine space. The back of an angled sofa, a chest of drawers, a row of tall stately plants in low rattan planters, a desk or a low-rise sectional can create demarcations.


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