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World Vision Gives Loans of Hope


Loans of Hope: World Vision’s microfinance program aids communities around the world. Imagine breaking the cycle of poverty in an entire community through small, sustainable change. World Vision’s microfinance program is doing just that. Through small-business loans, thousands of lives are being revolutionized, offering hope and a sustainable future.

World Vision, a Christian humanitarian organization, has developed a program to advance economic development through microfinance. It provides small-business loans to individuals, along with training on business management and family finances.

Through microfinance loans, women like Carolyn from Uganda are able to start and sustain small businesses.

World Vision’s microfinance agenda focuses on 16 countries, establishing and staffing loan and finance institutions within each country that offer loans for everything from farming to retail. Families from across the globe, including Armenia, the Dominican Republic, Honduras, Rwanda, Uganda and Zambia have benefited from these microfinance programs.


Carolyn is one such beneficiary. She’s a 38-year-old owner of a retail shop near her home in the Lokole sub-country of Northern Uganda. Since joining the village savings and loan association in Lokole (one of 15 such organizations in this area), her store has grown, and she is beginning to support her family from the business. After a 20-year war displaced the people in this area, the loans provide a means for communities to resettle.

“Microfinance loans help men and women become highly productive,” says Sam Jackson, World Vision’s national director of philanthropy. “They help people make a sustainable living.” By creating a small business, a family can increase the amount of money coming into the home, which directly results in better education, nutrition and health for the children. Savings become a part of the family economics, funding the gap in case of emergencies or disasters and creating a new life now, and for the next generation.

Emily is a mother of three, and through Harmos, a World Vision affiliate, she was able to start a new business selling fish. “Life without Harmos would have been miserable for me,” she says. “It would have forced me into prostitution to support my family.” Now, she is able to support her family through her small business and not only provide for her children, but create a new and vibrant life for herself.

Zarika’s shop in Armenia creates economic engines that can help alleviate poverty from entire communities.


World Vision is changing the lives of individuals, families and entire communities by providing a means for livelihood, financial education and rebuilding through microfinance loans.

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