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7 Tips for a More Tranquil Bedroom

Subtle changes can go a long way when it comes to creating a tranquil bedroom. Take lighting, clutter, and even texture into consideration when giving your bedroom a tranquil makeover. For the full article visit, Creating the Tranquil Bedroom.

Tranquil Bedroom



Tranquil Tips:

Rugs– Use pattern very deliberately, taking care not to overdo it. Rugs should be plush and help reduce noise, especially if you have hardwood floors.

Armoire/Storage– A stylish armoire is a fantastic way to add storage in smaller bedrooms.

Bedding– Quality bed linens are a must — the higher thread count, the softer they are. Beyond a high thread count, ironing your bed linens makes them feel softer.

Bedside Lighting– Choose light fixutres that fit your lifestyle by looking for dimmers that allow you to adjust light as needed. Allow natural sunlight to be your alarm clock — diffuse it with lighter fabric curtains.

Window Treatments– Base your choice of window treatments on what you need, whether it’s letting light in or blocking out sound.

Underbed Storage– Maximizing storage helps combat that chaotic clutter. Think multi-use when picking out bedroom furniture.

Accent Pillows– Layering pillows lets you introduce different colors and patterns. Your bed should be the mecca for comfort.


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