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How to Buy Bedding on a Budget

One of the easiest and most affordable ways to revive your bedroom is with fresh, new bedding. By changing out your linens, you can add flair to your room at an affordable price.


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Since the bed is generally the most prominent piece in the room, a new comforter or duvet will refresh the entire space. Spend the greatest portion of your budget on this item and embellish it with lower-priced accessories. “Bedding is a personal fashion choice, just like clothes,” says Jodi Visser, buyer/designer for Furniture Row Companies. “In our stores, customers can ‘try it on’ to see what their selections will look like on the bed.”

Money Saving Ideas:

  • Select a bed cover that goes with your current décor, including paint, carpet and window dressings.
  • Choose neutral colors and add splashes of color with accessories. Sticking with neutral colors allows you to update inexpensively in the future.
  • Bedding sets are often less expensive and make decorating easy by putting coordinating elements all in one package.
  • Cover an old comforter with a new duvet cover.
  • Choose a style that works year-round, so a second set isn’t necessary.
  • Select washable fabrics to save on dry cleaning.

You spend a third of your life in bed, so it should be a soothing oasis. Buy the best sheets your budget will allow in a bold color that complements your comforter. Find affordable sheet sets in a range of thread counts, fabrics and colors. Add a cozy blanket in a neutral color that goes with both your comforter and sheets.

Money Saving Ideas: 

  • Buy good-quality sheets. They’ll last longer and you’ll avoid spending more over the long-term replacing lesser-quality sheets that have pilled or faded.
  • Start with just one set of sheets, then add a second set as your budget allows.
  • Choose light to mid-weight sheets that will serve you well in any weather.

Brocade Duvet Set: Elegantly displayed in repeating patterns of angled black damask, the details of this charming duvet set give it bold contrast, while the two tone façade will easily coordinate with any bedroom décor.

Nothing is more inviting than a bed adorned with piles of fluffy pillows. Adding textured pillows and shams in accent colors will give vibrancy to your bedroom and create a bed you’ll want to dive into each night.

Money Saving Ideas:

  • Look for inexpensive throw pillows and pillow shams that complement the comforter, but add richness. Try borrowing pillows from other rooms in your house.
  • Find pillows and shams with a different pattern on front and back for a quick change.
  • Put older bed pillows in shams and use newer bed pillows for sleeping.
Choose Bedding

Choose bedding items that are practical, and pretty. A blanket in a neutral color provides extra warmth in the winter and can be used in place of a heavier comforter during warmer seasons. Fun throw pillows help to dress up your bed and add personality.


  • For a finished look, and often a lesser price, choose a comforter, duvet or coverlet set that includes a coordinating bed skirt, pillow shams and decorative pillows.
  • Most often, you can find coordinating sheets as well. Or, shop around several retailers, from department stores to warehouses, that carry high-thread-count sheets at affordable prices.
  • Don’t feel that throw pillows must match exactly with your bedding. Look for coordinating colors and multiple sizes to help add interest and appeal.
  • Remember, it’s the bedding that you’ll see each day so it should reflect YOU! Your bedding should make you feel cozy and relaxed. Choose the bedding that fits your budget, your personality and your style.



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