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DIY Bulletin Board


Take your home workstation from drab to fab by creating your own bold bulletin board. A framed fabric bulletin board adds personal style and function to your work space.


Directions for DIY Bulletin Board:


1. Cut a piece of cork board to match your desired size. Then, mark the size on your chosen fabric, adding two to three inches on each side to ensure the fabric is larger than the board.


2. Cut the fabric according to the measured size. For added padding, cut a sheet of fabric batting two inches larger than the corkboard and place it under the fabric when assembling.


3. Lay the fabric face down with your corkboard centered over the fabric. Stretch the fabric over the corkboard and fasten it to the back, one side at a time, with a staple or hot glue gun, starting at one corner and moving from one side to the other so the fabric stays taught.


4. Turn the board face up and arrange your ribbon in a crisscross pattern across the front. Pull the ribbon taught and use tacks to pin it in place. Finish by adding a frame and hang in your desired location.



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