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Laundry Organization in 4 Easy Steps

Doing laundry is a chore by most anyone’s standards. So, in attempt to mitigate our loathe for laundry, we looked for a few simple ways to begin organizing laundry room spaces and implementing a few systems the whole family can follow.




Laundry Organization: Simple Solutions. Easy-to-implement ideas for hanging laundry disorder out to dry in your home.

1. Designate a Dumping Ground for Soiled Laundry Enlist the help of the whole family in making laundry chores easier. Create a designated sorting station where everyone can throw their dirty clothes into hampers or plastic bins. Label each bin accordingly with “darks,” “lights” and “colors.” This helps create a system that’s easy for all family members to follow. And, you can make it fun by enlisting your kids to help choose or create colorful labels and bins.

2. Create Ambiance Laundry can seem like a chore, and part of the reason is that most laundry rooms are downright drab and dreary. To make it more inviting, add a few touches that can help transform the room into a relaxing space. Consider decorating a bit by placing an area rug around your ironing area, adding a stylish lamp, or hanging framed art and family photos in the space. As a finishing touch, bring portable speakers and your iPod so you can enjoy your favorite music while doing laundry. You’ll also want the room to exude cleanliness and be bright and easy to clean. To create this feel, make sure you have ample lighting and walls that are white or a luminous color.

3. Organize Your Products Clear the clutter in your laundry area by using boxes or baskets to group items you use often. For easy access, store items you use daily or weekly on open shelving — preferably near your washer and dryer. By grouping items such as detergents, stain removers or spray starches in designated baskets, you’ll eliminate the need to reach and pull a lone item that’s toppled over on your shelf or spilled in the back of a cabinet. And, the box can easily be set on your washer when in use and then placed back on the shelf when laundry is complete.

4. Utilize Storage Gadgets There are so many new storage gadgets to help keep your laundry room neat and organized. Handy racks that hide away after use or small appliance storage systems keep items within reach but out of the way.


Establish Simple Systems

•  Hang a bag in a designated location
to hold “dry clean only” items, and choose certain days of the month to drop them off.

•  Use smaller baskets or cute dishes
to hold found items such as money
or buttons.

•  Consider designating a basket, bin
or shelf for each family member. Let
him or her retrieve their clean, folded clothes from the laundry room.

•  Hang a bag in the laundry room for items that need repair so you can keep them all in one place until they can
be fixed.

• suggests clipping clothespins to the sides of
your hampers and teaching your family to pin them on clothing to mark stains
or spills.

Bonus Tips

1. Get the kids into the act with their own laundry bag. Individual bags are fun and can be easily identified.

2. Baskets make great sorting tools. They can serve double-duty as hampers as well as storage.


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