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Home Decor: Rustic and Refined

Rustic décor is no longer found simply in cabins and country homes. Today, by mixing rural elements with modern ones, the two diverse components can come together in harmony to create a rustic, yet refined space.

“The rustic style of yore was characterized by lodge décor — heavy leather furnishings, wood paneled walls, and taxidermy in abundance,” according to Leah Moss at

But today’s rustic and refined style offers an updated twist: It boasts clean lines and modern touches softened by vintage elements, like those found in Sofa Mart’s “Lost & Found Collection.” A subtle white or light-colored background provides the canvas for unique, often textured vintage finds as well as classic modern pieces that brighten the room.


By bringing two diverse components together, you can create a warm and sophisticated space.

A variety of textures, central to rustic décor, break the monotony in a space. 

By mixing refined elements, like a sleek leather sofa, with rustic textures, such as reclaimed or distressed wood, you can create a uniquely sophisticated look. According to, rustic décor often utilizes elements of natural fibers and textures, including wood, canvas and linen, rustic metals and wrought iron, and cowhide and vintage leather. Modern elements include acrylic, glass, faux fur, sleek woods, refined leather, and satin and polished nickel and chrome.

Rustic and Refined Variety

Incorporating elements from nature adds a rustic feel without losing the ambiance of a more refined space.

It’s important to remember that because rustic items are often textural, you should add them in small amounts. By mixing them into your décor in a few places, each item can stand out. Patterns and textures for fabrics, pillows and area rugs will add warmth and charm. Tables, mirrors or other accessories make great accents, and by keeping your walls and most major pieces relatively neutral or light in color, you can add bold accents and accessories to achieve a dramatic mix.

Natural Elements

Creating Your Own
Rustic & Refined Space

  • Paint the walls in white or light neutral tones, which create a clean look.
  • Use slightly darker-hued furniture with large cushions to contrast with the walls and prevent the space from becoming monotone.
  • Accent the room with rustic items, including wooden elements, wrought iron or distressed metal.
  • Utilize simple rugs made of natural materials like jute, sea grass, sisal or animal furs.
  • Light the space with large lamps or unique hanging lights.
  • Accessorize with scenic art or nature-themed items, bringing outdoor elements into your home.


Browse Sofa Mart for one of a kind ‘reclaimed,’ pieces in the Lost & Found Collection. Sofa Mart has been able to infuse a “Saturday morning antique adventure,” into their customer’s shopping experience. Inventory for each store is unique to what’s available locally. So, you are truly getting a one of a kind reclaimed piece!


Product List:

Salina Table Lamp // Sofa Mart
White Horse Canvas // Sofa Mart
Tuscan Rubbed Urn // Sofa Mart
Wisteria Bronze Vases // Sofa Mart
Cottage Urn // Oak Express
Butterfly Study Prints // Oak Express
Eden Curved Front Chest // Sofa Mart
Copenhagen 3Pc. Wedge Loveseat Sectional // Sofa Mart
Apothecary Chest // Oak Express
Tonu Small Sideboard // Oak Express
Dagney Coffee Table // Oak Express
Vassona Mirror // Oak Express
Stuttgart Table Lamp // Sofa Mart
Kentor Sidboard // Oak Express
New York Canvas // Oak Express
Iridescent Vase // Sofa Mart
Pearl Frames // Oak Express

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