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How to Pack for the Road


When it comes to packing, organization is key. Whether you’re loading up your car for a family road trip, filling a picnic basket for a day at the park or gathering camping gear for a weekend trip, a bit of preparation goes a long way.

pack-for-the-road How to pack for the road:

It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the number of items that need to fit in a relatively small space when packing for a road trip. But by following a few tips, you can pack your car with efficiency and ease, ensuring your family stays comfortable and organized on the road.

1.  Clean out your car to ensure you’re starting with as much open space as possible.
2.  Pack the night before to avoid rushing.
3.  Fit as much as possible into each bag to save room.
4.  Instead of taking a huge suitcase, pack smaller duffel bags for each passenger.
5.  Designate one person to handle packing the car.
6.  Start with a strategy. Approach trunk organization like a puzzle, and begin by packing larger, regularly-shaped items first.
7.  Then, fit medium and smaller-size bags.
8.  If on a long road trip, pack one separate overnight bag with everyone’s clothes for the next day.
9.  Pack another bag with all toiletries needed for the next day.
10.  Fill an activity bag for the kids: crayons, coloring books, mp3 player, DVDs, etc. Make sure the bag is easily accessible.
11.  Pack a separate snack bag to keep up front; individually packaged items work best.
12.  Bring a trash bag to keep the car organized in between stops.

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