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Top 10 Summer Backyard Games

Get out, get moving, and enjoy the great outdoors with our favorite new – and retro – games for the whole family. Reclaim your backyard with the new Outdoor Collection from Oak Express.

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Top 10 Summer Backyard Games:

1. Cornhole: Played with bean bags and a raised platform.

2. Bocce Ball: The Italian version of lawn bowling played on a flat surface.

3. Croquet: Classic, wicket good fun, played with wooden mallets, hoops and plastic or wooden balls.

4. Pirates of the Backyard Treasure Hunt: Have the kids dress up like pirates and raid the backyard for
hidden or buried booty.

5. Backyard Scrabble: Take the popular word game to the G-A-R-D-E-N where it’s played on an oversize tile Scrabble court with letter tiles.

6. I Spy … Nature: A fantastic game that helps kids learn more about
nature and be more observant of it.

7. Squirt-Gun Tag: Think of it as paintball without the paint. Load squirt guns with different colored water (use food coloring — relax, it comes out in the wash!). Assign each player a color to help keep track of who scores.

8. Badminton: Fun for singles or doubles. All you need are lightweight rackets, birdies and a net (or even just a clothesline).

9. Pillowcase Race: With their feet in pillowcases, players hop on down to the finish line. (After the race,
mom has the perfect excuse to get new pillowcases.)

10. Volleyball: Always fun. It’s a great activity for groups of all ages.


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