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Unique Gift Wrapping Ideas

It’s a WRAP. Quick and easy unique gift wrapping ideas brought to you by the experts at Sofa Mart. These gift wrapping tips will add a touch of unique eclecticism to any gift large and small. It’s the thought that counts, but clever packaging can make any gift more special.

4 Gift Wrapping Tips:


1. Throw in the towel: Holiday dish towels and colorful cloth napkins do double duty as wrapping and gifts.


2. Go green: Wrap packages with hand-stenciled, recycled brown kraft paper tied with satin ribbon.


3. Tag it: Add a handmade gift tag with a photo or other decorative element and a personal note. Download unique holiday gift tags from The Front Door blog for all your wrapping needs.


4. Bag it: Package gifts in colorful tote bags or vintage purses.



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